Your Moments and Evenings with the Flavors of Provence
for an unforgettable experience

To live the Provençal experience is to listen to the cicadas, to smell the lavender, the rosemary, the thyme, to walk in a garden among the olive trees, to relax around a swimming pool or in the shade of the mulberry trees, to discover the landscapes with the vineyards… but there are also the endless evenings with friends or family in the mild summer temperatures in Provence around a good wine or a pastis, a pizza, a Mediterranean dish or a a barbecue…

A 2023 success extended into 2024 Season : holidays; it’s also the memories we create! . Your friends are also in the Region? Invite them to join you to share a moment of conviviality with an aperitif around the swimming pool prepared by your Host. You can also book your “Chef Sommelier” for a discovery of the Rhône Valley Wines! To be booked directly on our website among “Extras” during or after your reservation

It is all these moments that you will be able to experience at l’Echappée en Provence, thanks to the Services that your Host Véronique makes available to you.

The Moments : for a unique Experience

Aperitif Moment

Your host offers you a welcome Aperitif Moment; a moment of conviviality and exchange around some local specialties.

There will be a few local homemade tartines, a little goat cheese from the region, a few olives around a good Rochegude wine, with Chardonnay, Sirha grape varieties… to awaken your senses …

2024 : Aperitif to share with friends; Tariff : 12 euros / outside person, limited to 4 outside people. Aperitif based on local products, prepared by your Host. The drinks are made up of local wines from the Domaine’s vines and are offered.

2024 : A “Chef Sommelier” at the Echappée en Provence! discover the full grape varieties around 6 wines of Northern and Southern Rhône Valley or 6 wines of the Southern Rhône Valley. Tariff : 36 euros / person, to be booked from our Website (“Extras”) before your arrival

We still have to define the day together!

Villa piscine echappee-en-provence
maison hôtes Drôme Rochegude

Bike ride Moment

Want to cycle through the Cotes du Rhône vineyards, go to the market on the village square or pick up some pastries at the bakery?

We provide you with 1 men’s bike and 1 women’s bike.

Price: €5 incl. tax / day and per bike.

You can book this service directly from our Website (“Extras”)

If you need more bikes, your Host will guide you to a rental company and we will make sure that the bikes are available directly at l’Echappée en Provence.


A piece of life in Provence; summer evenings

Wood-fired pizza night Moment

A pizza oven is at your disposal in the summer kitchen.

Your Host will make you dough pieces with Neapolitan flour, free of charge, and will guide you in their use.

It’s up to you, all you have to do is make the filling, garnish them and put them in the oven.

Enjoy your lunch!

maison hôtes Drôme Rochegude

BBQ Moment

A Weber barbecue is at your disposal free of charge!

To you the skewers, the ribs of beef or the local sausages bought at the butcher of the village with some grilled vegetables…

Take full advantage of the summer kitchen for unforgettable summer evenings!

maison hôtes Drôme Rochegude

Mini Olive Oil shop of the property

L’Echappée en Provence is also a wine and olive-growing estate.

The olives are harvested by the family, pressed at the Moulin de Marie in Venterol to obtain a certified Extra Virgin oil only from the Olives of the Domaine.

Olive Oil is offered for sale at the property.

Tariff : 13€ /bottle 50Cl

A 100% french olive oil, certified “Extra Vierge” by the LACO Laboratory, specialized in wine & olive products of the Rhône Valley, with COFRAC Agreement. A true Guarantee of Quality! DO not hesitate to book your bottles directly from our Website (“Extras”)

Furthermore, The Syrah, Chardonnay and Viogniers grapes are pressed and blended at the Cooperative cellar in Rochegude.

You will then find the Rosé de Saignée, the White Chardonnay or Cuvée Haute Expression, the Reds Cuvée du Président or Via Nostrum at the table of your Evenings at l’Echappée en Provence.


The Conciergerie: The success of your Provençal Experience is the only thing that matters.

Your Host will guide you:

  • To places of visits according to your preferences
  • To local events not to be missed (Corso Lavande, Brocantes, etc.)
  • For your hikes
  • To local Artisans (Honey, Durance Cosmetics, etc.)
  • To book shows, restaurants, etc. in advance
  • And so that the little hassles of life are ephemeral (contact Pressing, contact Drive first races)

A stay is to be prepared from the moment of your reservation until your arrival. If you wish, let us know your expectations and your tastes, what you want to do … and not to do.

We will then help you to compose your own Provençale Experience

Frequently asked

Where to eat?

Your Host provides a welcome booklet where you will find all the good local addresses.

To book in advance!